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Johnson and Johnson Student CoOp Panel

Something to add to the Bucket list at Villanova University

After being a student within the Villanova Business School for almost a full semester, you hear a lot of people talking about one single company: Johnson and Johnson. People, at the highest ranked business school in the country with many great professors and students, constantly talk about this company, so I was intrigued to find out more about the company. I decided to attend the Johnson and Johnson Student CoOp on Tuesday, September 24th panel, and after attending this panel, I would suggest the students at Villanova university now and in the future to look at Johnson and Johnson in search of opportunities during and after college. They have an excellent culture, and many great opportunities for students. To learn more about what Johnson and Johnson does, Visit this link:

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The first thing Johnson and Johnson established to all of the students who attended the panel was their excellent culture. The company has a very enriching culture which promotes growth within their younger employees. The panelists showed this through their “one on ones”. Young employees, who are eager to learn or are having trouble with some tasks put upon them, are able to schedule lunch or coffee with higher-level employees in order to get help. While helping the younger employees resolve their issues, these “one on ones” also helps the younger employees to form closer relationships with the people that they work under. This is crucial for networking, which has an unlimited amount of ways to benefit you, such as promotions or other higher paying job offers. 

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Also, the panelists put emphasis on the importance of the Credo of Johnson and Johnson, which they instill in everything they do at the company. The Credo states that they put their priority in benefitting the people in which the company serves first. This is frequently referenced in their meetings in order to make sure that every decision goes along with the company’s core values. This leads to there being a less likely chance of an immoral action to take place within the company, which would kill the culture, and is the sole reason why they are a Healthcare leader today. To learn more about the history of the Credo, Visit:

After emphasizing how they establish their great culture within the company, they delved into how the students at Villanova University can get their foot into the door within the company. They told us about the Marketing Leadership Development Program (MLDP) and Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP). Both of these programs have three eight month rotations in order to become well rounded in how to perform different tasks. People in the program will become well versed with different jobs within the company through the hands-on experience. One will learn how to network within the company by forming relationships with mentors, employees and alumni. And, if they really like you, they will offer you a job.  To learn more about both of these wonderful programs, visit the link :

I believe the event was worthwhile and that all Villanova Business students should look into working at Johnson and Johnson. The culture of the company is outstanding and the programs they offer are phenomenal.

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